Geneseo Inn Is A Prefab Paradise In The Hills Of Paso Robles

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This BnB, called Geneseo Inn, is composed of a series shipping containers that have been customized for use as living quarters. Unlike some projects which try to hide the corrugated steel sheeting of the container, Geneseo Inn celebrates the rough, raw material and keeps it on show.


So, what have we got? The BnB is set in the midst of a 145 arce site, surrounded by grapevines and rolling hills. It has 8 units in total, so it's not a massive hotel-scale set up. The units serve as a platform from which to soak up the views, and chill out.

The views are amazing, but the shipping containers themselves are also a draw - container homes are still very niche. Geneseo Inn stands out from the competition in this respect, and anyone whose interested in something just a little different will be drawn to this unique retreat.


The interiors of the containers are, to be blunt, fairly bland. They're striped back, minimal and not all that exciting. They're not going to win any interior design awards.

So what.

It's perhaps besides the point in this BnB. The views are magnificient and the ribbed steel walls are left visible on the inside. A gentle reminder that... you're-in-a-shipping-container!


Aside from the containers, other interesting aspects include taking advantage of reclaimed and repurposed materials.

“The most compelling attribute of this project is the use of modular components, in combination with recycled materials, to enhance the visual interest and create an impressive panoramic openness that connects interior spaces, walkways, and decks. These connect with the vineyard vistas beyond.”

The recycled elements include cortens steel, glass, cement board and decking. Materials were sourced from the Winery itself, and salvaged from other agricultural buildings.


Furture work, which is often overlooked, was also considered. The roofs were designed to accommodate solar panels, and other add-ons (think green roofs etc) at some point in the future.

You can book your stay by visiting Geneseo Inn's website.

Project by Ecotech Design. See more container projects on their website.

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