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I love treehouses. This is kinda like a treehouse - a treehouse on stilts. So it gets my vote.


Set at the foot of a mountain, before a river, and surrounded by a forest, it's the perfect location for anyone that wants to get away from, well, everything. Add to that it's undulating organic form, and you've got one heck of a retreat.


The structure, henceforth referred to as treehouse, is presumbably raised off the ground level in case of flooding. That, and it provides a better viewpoint for admiring the scenery.


From above, it looks like the roof of the treehouse is hallowed out in the center. What's going on becomes more apparent at the floor level: the roof wraps around the perimeter and dips to form a wall. This creates a private little terrace.


There's a lot to like here. Especially on the inside, which - despite the large windows - appears to be quite dark and moody.


The interior is divided into four areas: a living room, bedroom, bath "room" and the actual bathroom. The areas all flow into one another following a spiral.


If you follow the spiral, from bathroom to living room, you go from private to more public spaces. At the end of the spiral there's a door to lead you out onto the terrace, the most public space of all.


All in all, it's a really interesting project and the construction and craftsmanship (and design) are to be celebrated.

Project by Monoarchi. For more of their work, have a look at their website.

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