If You Go Down To The Woods Today... You'll Find Villa Tonden

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Why settle for one roof when you can have three? This collection of small shed-like structures actually form a single connected building. Though you wouldn't necessarily think that from the outside.


The project is titled Villa Tonden. It owes its name to its location - Tonden, The Netherlands. Villa Tonden serves as a holiday home for the owner (and presumbably their family given the number of bedrooms) who works in the city.

HofmanDujardin carefully shaped its characteristic appearance to perfectly fit into the open spot in the pine woods. This wood-clad home is equipped with all amenities required to enjoy a laid- back time with family and friends.

Surrounded by tall leafy pine trees, there's no shortage of views. The architects have taken full advantage of the location by inserting some big-ass windows into nearly every room.

Villa Tonden is composed of three archetypical house-shaped volumes. They soften their presence in the surrounding landscape and create distinct places around the house.

There's a lot to like about this house. The simple juxaposition of the architypical house-shaped volumes is a winner. It diminishes the buildings presence on the land, and is just altogether more interesting.

Project by HofmanDujardin. Lots more built and conceptual projects available from their website .

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