Bollbacken Cottage - A Modern Take On The Traditional Swedish Soldier's Cottage

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This dainty little getaway is a replacement dwelling for an old Swedish soldier's cottage that was built in the 1950s. Sad to say, but the original was in a bad state and had to go. On the plus side, the new cottage is just as quirky, and maintains all the charm (if not more) of the original.


The replacement was imagined up by the Swedish architecture firm, Söderberg Söderberg . While contemplating their new version of the cottage they settled on a few ground rules. The replacement was to have the same placement, footprint, volume and materials. You can't ask for much more than that when paying homage to the building of old.


Have a look at the picture of the old, sorry-looking, dilapidated, dundering-in cottage. Now look at what its been replaced with. Yup. It's a great job. This project is massively successful in achieving its goals.


The new getaway has been dubbed Bollbacken Cottage. It exudes charm, and maintains all the feature of the traditional cottage.


On the inside, there's still that warm welcoming feeling, but the traditional elements are pared back slightly. This toning down provides room for the more modern elements to be incorporated into the cottage. Like the small but sleek stainless steel kitchen.


There's a big ol' chimney smack bang in the middle of the living area. The heart of the home. The cottage also comes equipped with several large doors that slide back into recesses. The result is a space that can be opened to the outdoors and soak up its surroundings when in use. And, when it's time to go home, it can be locked up and secured.

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