Saltwater Farm Hotel Takes Inspiration From Tiny Houses

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If you haven't heard of the tiny house movement by now, you must have been living under a rock. The 2007/2008 financial meltdown saw people seeking alternatives to the traditional bricks and mortar home. It was this meltdown that helped propel tiny houses into the spotlight. A tiny house (or more specifically, a tiny house on wheels) is a house that can typically fit on a flatbed trailer. Yup, they're that small.


Originally, the main draw of a tiny house was their tiny cost. Back in

07 you could have picked up a tiny house for $20-30K. Smaller models were even less than that. Unfortunately some people saw an opportunity to exploit the original virtues of the tiny house movement, and you'll frequently find houses now priced at $100K+. It's batshit crazy. Especially when you look at the cost per square foot. If you're going to live in a tiny house, build your own with a set of house plans and save a buck (or $50,000).

But I disgress.


This beautiful boutique hotel, dubbed Saltwater Farm, features a family home with a scattering of tiny houses (sans wheels) around it.

The hotel is set along the shoreline of Washington's San Juan Island. It makes for a spectacular setting, something which the designers where no doubt aware of when plonking 5 tiny houses and a two-story family home on the landscape.


All of the buildings follow the same style: a simple, clean, gable-end structure clad in sheet metal and wood. The gable-end structure is common among agricultural buildings, as is the sheet metal. You could say it's a modern interpretation of the farmhouse of yonder days. It's also very scandi.


How the farm/hotel came into being reads like a storybook. It's your typical the "get out of the rat race", but kudos to the owners for actually achieving it when so many of us are just dreaming it.

The inn, farm, and family home are realizations of the couple’s longtime dream of leaving the city for a simpler life immersed in nature.

There's something about Scandinavian design that is just so relaxing. The pictures practically make me sigh.

I'll let the pictures do the talking, but if I had to surmise it... Cabins with shoreline and forest views. A family home with expansive living areas. Construction that takes into acount the local ecosystem. And one hell of a relaxing weekend getaway.

Project by RadLab. Lots more on their website.

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