How To Create Green Spaces In A City Home? Build A Park On The Roof

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It seems that modern Vietnamese residential architecture can be characterised by three materials - metal, wood, and brick/stone - and some greenery. After that throw in a dose of courtyards, and cathedral ceilings for good measure.


There's a real emphasis on natural materials in this project by MDA Architecture. The rough aesthetic of the natural materials, is softened by big leafy plants that clamber up, and hang down from the central atrium.


I personally love the back to basics approach. The focus on materials, ventilation and light is always a winner. You'll typically find these types of houses in Vietnam's big dense cities, and as a result, they're very inward looking.


The house becomes a retreat from the buzzing city beyond its walls. To shelter its inhabitants from the bustle, outward views are limited, and usually filtered through some sort of screen.

The house was designed based on the owners’ aspiration: at once a serene place for weekend relaxation and a precinct filled with greenery, light and absolute privacy.

The view filters are removed as you go up. With the improved vantage point you're allowed to see more of the cityscape. The roof of this house has been styled after a park. Hence the project's name: Park Roof House.


I think this is a great project. It's simple and achieves what the owner asked for. It also makes use of principles that could be applied to any city home to create your own little haven from the big smoke.

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