Big-Ass Light Box Brightens Nova York Apartment

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Well this is nice. Nova York Apartment has been renovated for a couple and their two kids who upped sticks from The Netherlands and moved to Brazil.


The architects, a firm called FCStudio, merged aspects of Dutch culture and design into the property. An upheaval from one part of the world to another is never an easy process. Much less so when it's an entire family with young children. By introducing elements of "Dutchness", the designers were attempting to make the transition as smooth as possible. Familiarity breeds comfort.

Constant references to Dutch culture and design permeated the composition process, so that the family would continue to identify with its own home.

Nova York Apartment is contemporary in style. Surfaces are flush and clean. Clutter is kept to a minimum, with storage typically limited to the walls. The storage units also provides an opportunity to introduce bright pops of color. But color isn't limited to furniture pieces - a dark red envelopes the entrance, before revealing a bright open plan KDL.


The most interesting parts of this project are the huge light-box that hangs over the living/dining area. At night it bathes the entire space in a gentle yellow glow. The second-most interesting aspect of the apartment is its mezzanine. It functions as a quiet, private space. Something that's hard to come by in most apartments.


This project was completed by the Brazilian firm, FCStudio. Lots more on their website.

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