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I've long been a fan of Vo Tron Nghia Architects (it looks like they've recently rebranded to VTN). Their work is immediately identifable: raw rough materials, supplemented by soft greenery.


This project follows a winning formula for VTN. Called Thang House, it features their characteristically blocky, minimalist aesthetic. Great use is made of concrete, brick, stone and metal, complimented by greenery that scales the height of the home.

Inspired by his childhood imagination of a country house full of rich tropical greenery, grasslands and fresh air, the owner always had a desire to own a similar house which is located right in the heart of Danang City, Vietnam.

Being Vietnam, cooling and natural ventilation are a high priority. Thermal mass plays a part in the design - the roof features some big heavy concrete elements that help soak up the suns heat during the day, keeping the interior relatively cool.


Shadow and light is a constant theme in VTN's work, and Thang House is no different. The architects are selective about when and where to open the house up to direct sunlight. Usually they opt for small slithers of light on the inside. A central courtyard helps bring light to the innermost parts of the building, without exposing it to a massive build-up of heat.

The green area lost due to construction work was compensated by a fruit garden on roof top that gets sunlight and shelters the building. The roof garden included 9 tree boxes interspersed with gaps provide more greenery view under natural day and night light.

An automatic water system circulates water from the fish pond to the garden roof. There's also a solar heating and solar panel system to reduce the home's dependence on the grid. VTN have gone with local building materials and suppliers where possible:

This house is mainly made of local building materials which are available from nearby sources, such as the grey stone from Hoa Son rockery mine and brick from Quang Nam Province. In addition, the exposed concrete is an efficient material for low-tech construction in Vietnam and is durable under harsh local climate.

Ain't that cool.

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