Casa Torre in Madrid

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Hol-lee-shit. This house is an amazing explosion of color and style. Some people might be put off by its brashness, but I love it. It's called Casa Torre and is designed by the good folks at Carolina González Vives .


Thin lines are a reoccuring theme in this design. From the horizontal lines in the exterior cladding, to the thin outline of the spiral stairs handrail, to the cabling on the garden roof. To me, it makes everything look sleek and modern. And maybe a dash art deco.


The interior surfaces are finished luxuriously in marble, while the living spaces are kitted out with some current day interpretation of mid-century modern furniture.


All the edginess of its curved walls and bold colors are toned down by the more natural features, like the brickwork, woodwork and occasional greenery.


If you haven't picked up that this is a luxurious home, the large soaking tub (it's actually more of a small swimming pool) is sure to give the game away. That and the outdoor pool. And the marble. Definitely the marble.


I by no means think excess is good, but everynow now and then I think I'd like to dip a toe in it. Or immerse myself in a soaking tub (miniature swimming pool). Especially after a night of excessive drinking. That's about the height of my excess.

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